Welcome to the English page of the website of Bestemming Bereikt trainingen & logopedie.

‘Bestemming Bereikt trainingen & logopedie’ is a one woman company located in Utrecht which offers training and therapy for the speaking and singing voice.

A little translation of the Dutch company name can help you understand more about my vision.

Bestemming      Destination
Stem                   Voice
Bereikt                Reached

So: how to reach your destination / goal?…. With your voice!
The voice is an amazing way to express yourself in singing and speaking. The voice is the mirror of the soul!

Bestemming Bereikt offers: Trainingen (training) and Logopedie (Speech and Voice Therapy).

Hanneke Bax

I have always had a great interest for the physiology of the voice, long before I began studying Speech and Language Pathology / Therapy. I was fascinated by the magic of changing the sound of voice, especially during the time I was attending singing lessons.

After graduating as an SLP / SLT, I began working, giving voice training and also completed additional advanced voice courses: Estill Voice Training level 1 and 2 (EVT), Complete Vocal Technique practice (CVT), Roy Hart Theatre Voice Work and Manual Therapy for the Voice Box.

After several years of professional experience, I set up my own private voice therapy practice in Amsterdam and Utrecht. After 3 years of two locations, I decided to focus on Utrecht.

I also work as a freelance teacher, vocal coach, voice trainer and developer of voice projects.

Voice Therapy

‘Bestemming Bereikt’ offers speech and voice therapy for adults who have problems with their voice, speech and/or breathing. You can think about the following cases:

  • hoarseness
  • dysphonia
  • aphonia
  • aspirated voice
  • tired voice
  • laryngeal globus (a non-painful, but unconfortable sensation in the larynx or throat, caused bij tensed muscles in the head/neck area)
  • tensed breathing pattern
  • hyperventilation
  • problems with articulation

Voice technique
The biggest part of the therapy consists of exercises for the voice, breathing and speech.

Vocal massage
I work with manual therapy for the laryngeal muscles. This is a massage technique for the speech muscles and helps to recover the disordered voice faster.

In the case of a hyper-tensed voice, I work with breathing exercises and mindfulness based stress reduction body-scans.

Costs / insurance
The insurance company pays a big part of speech therapy with a permission document from a doctor. I didn’t sign contracts with health insurance companies. It depends on you policy how much will be covered. With a ‘restitutiepolis’ still 100% is covered. With a ‘naturapolis’ only +-75% will be covered. You always have to pay the own risk first. You can find more information here about the Dutch Health insurance system.

The locations of therapy is in Utrecht: Homeruslaan 59a.

Workshop and coachingstemtraining utrecht stemcoach

Do you want to improve your own vocal skills? Or are you looking for voice training for you company or school?

‘Bestemming Bereikt’ offers custom designed workshops for individuals and groups who want to improve their vocal skills and speech skills.